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SuOakesArt LogoSuOakesArt Logo This illustration is one of the winning images chosen for Seybold Seminars Digital Art Contest and was displayed at Seybold in San Francisco Sept. 10-12, 2002 Seybold Seminars Logo  
Made on a Mac illustration  
Made on a Mac

About 20 years ago, returning to college as an adult student, I had the great fortune to take some studio art courses at Suffolk County Community College with Prof. Maurice Flecker. I will never forget my first night in basic drawing class, when he passed my easel and remarked, "You seem to know what you're doing." From drawing he led me to sculpture and watercolor. I moved on, and regrettably lost touch. A few years later I learned with great sadness of his untimely passing. He was a supportive, encouraging teacher and is sorely missed. In his class, I did a composition of Macintosh Apples, which is here. After getting into digital art, I wanted to recreate this painting using Adobe Illustrator. I wanted a more painterly look than I got with actual paints.

So, this one's for you, Maurice.


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